Ready + Jump.

We are at the cusp of a new school year over here in the Sweet Shade. We are starting a new curriculum, Ambleside Online, a decision made after much research, discussion...and coffee. We enjoyed our curriculum choices last year (an eclectic blend of BJU Math, Beautiful Feet Books, and IEW), but towards the middle of the year, I felt myself being pulled towards Charlotte Mason's philosophy of education, hence, Ambleside. I kind of just stared at from a distance for a while, then scooted closer and started to randomly poke it and run away, before finally deciding to embrace it full-on. The biggest road block for me is always my own trepidation and fear, the dread of "Am I doing this right?" while scouring the Internet and seeing Moms who are just so awesome at killing it and thinking, "That could never be me." Silencing the internal voice is a challenge. No, wait, not silencing it. Changing it. That's more like it. Changing the inner voice is a challenge. Sometimes, our inner voice needs a pep talk.

So, after pepping my internal voice and telling her, "Girl, you got this," or, at least, "Girl, you can't screw them up TOO badly," I started to slowly amass the volumes of literature I would need to begin our year. And I got excited. Our bookshelf is now heavy with the good stuff, and we are slowly beginning our foray into Ambleside Online. I will not do it perfectly, that I know. But, I will try to do it well. I have friends who are with me, wiser than I, more capable than I, who can hold my hand (or tug on it when I start to wander).

We are utilizing Language from Simply Charlotte Mason and our Math is currently Math Lessons for a Living Education, by Masterbooks. So, all of our curriculum is new this year! We'll see how it goes!

Prayers to you, my friends, as you either begin your year or begin to plan for the upcoming year!

Have a lovely day.



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