Welcome + Whirlpools.

The rain is falling outside, making for a perfect dark and dreary day off. This isn't typical Fourth of July weather, but hey, I'm all for a lazy morning on a cloudy day (until we all get stir-crazy later). I had just settled on my bed with my laptop to work on my website (blog? whatever this blessed thing is) when my eight year-old son crawled into bed next to me. As I awkwardly attempted to create links to things and organize this space (I literally have no idea what I am doing), my son tapped my arm and, looking up at me with those big blue eyes he got straight from his Daddy, asked if we could look up pictures of whirlpools. Using the Google. It was truly a blessed interruption, and we spent the next thirty minutes watching jaw-dropping videos of whirlpools ("maelstroms", my son gently corrected me) and let me tell you, I have this thing with the ocean. Like, it's a thing. I absolutely love it. I feel most at home when I am with it. It's cheesy and it's true. My Mom tells a story of one of my first times at the beach as a toddler. As she was busy setting up the beach blanket, she looked up and I was gone. My two year-old blonde little self had toddled straight into the ocean. She ran after me and grabbed me, both of us soaking wet, and me very happy (her not so much). The ocean and me, we're good. But oh my word, there is nothing more terrifying to me than supernatural ocean-y things, like, say, giant whirlpools opening up in the middle of the ocean. Or rogue waves. It's the stuff my nightmares are made of, people. And these are also the things that happen to fascinate my son! The sacrifices we make for our children, squeamishly watching YouTube videos with our hands covering our faces with one eye peeking between our fingers. Anyway. I digress.

Welcome to this website/blog/thing! This morning's occurrence is exactly what this website/blog/thing will look like--my thoughts and my musings, interrupted by real life. I had a friend once refer to it as "life in the raw" and I've used that saying ever since. The messy, the fun, the real, the hard. Life in the raw.

Also, it is not beyond me that today is, in fact, Independence Day, so to my readers who serve or have served our country, I salute you. Thank you for your service.

Thank you, friends, for stopping by! I hope that you enjoy your visit, as this website/blog/thing continues to grow and become what it is intended to be. I'm glad you're here.

Have a lovely day, friends.



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