Flowers + Sunshine

I used to have a regular photography gig several years ago, and starting over again has not been without its fair share of intimidation. Or sheer panic. Or ... both. It's one thing to have what you believe to be a good idea rolling around in your head--it's another thing entirely to assume that someone else might also think that it's a good idea. But after years of burnout, I wanted to answer the call when the picture-taking excitement starting bubbling inside me again. I hopped in the car and ended up at Hobby Lobby, perusing their floral aisles (and weeping silent tears of joy at the 50% off sign--rarely is anything on sale when I actually need it to be, you know?) and scheming. I came home and dumped my wares on the living room rug, pushed up my sleeves, and sat down to start creating. After much twisting and wire-cutting and taping and starting over and starting over again, I sat back and smiled at the four haphazard flower crowns on the floor.

The next day I took my two girlies down by our pond, crowns in hand, ready to take some test shots. We had so much fun, the girls twirling and grinning and me laughing at their nutty antics (fairly sure my youngest threw in a dab or two). The fun was in the process, which is something I've missed. A lot.

That evening, I took the plunge. I put out a small blurb on Facebook concerning mini sessions and pricing and such, and, *gasp*, I had a response! I was giddy. The next week was spent lugging props down to our pond and chasing cuties with my camera. I loved it.

The cutest clients. E-V-E-R. And these were just a few!

When the week was over, I was exhausted, in the best way. There's nothing like the feeling of rekindling an old passion, something you worried had fizzled out and been extinguished forever. It was good to know that there were still some glowing embers in there, ready to spark.

See what you find there

with grace in your heart

and flowers in your hair.

-Mumford & Sons



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