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Caffeine + Gratitude

I mistakenly drank a cup of coffee late this evening, which has resulted in subsequent insomnia. Our youngest is curled up in bed next to me, sound asleep and snoring after a long day of swimming, and my mind is quite wide awake and buzzing with all kinds of things. I just finished watching Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil for the first time. Have you ever seen it? John Cusack? Kevin Spacey? It's odd, people. Super odd. Like, intriguingly odd. I thought. Anyway. I digress. So now here I am, in the hour past midnight, my fingers slightly trembly from my late-night caffeine consumption, and of course my thoughts are pinging through my head like a ball in a pinball machine, bouncing from

Grace + French Fries.

Starting this website/blog/thing meant going back through a bunch of old posts from my former, much older blog, to see if there were any I wanted to import here. As I sifted through them, I couldn't help but giggle (or shudder) at the content of a few special posts. Don't get me wrong--there was a lot of good stuff in there (ha! at least I think so) but sprinkled throughout were a few posts that I would refer to as "precious", mostly in regards to parenting. Posts about scheduling, and what my kids eat, and the right way to do this and the wrong way to do that ... to be fair, I was a new Mom, and every Mom knows that being a new Mom means figuring everything out. But, now that I have been in

Welcome + Whirlpools.

The rain is falling outside, making for a perfect dark and dreary day off. This isn't typical Fourth of July weather, but hey, I'm all for a lazy morning on a cloudy day (until we all get stir-crazy later). I had just settled on my bed with my laptop to work on my website (blog? whatever this blessed thing is) when my eight year-old son crawled into bed next to me. As I awkwardly attempted to create links to things and organize this space (I literally have no idea what I am doing), my son tapped my arm and, looking up at me with those big blue eyes he got straight from his Daddy, asked if we could look up pictures of whirlpools. Using the Google. It was truly a blessed interruption, and we s

Flowers + Sunshine

I used to have a regular photography gig several years ago, and starting over again has not been without its fair share of intimidation. Or sheer panic. Or ... both. It's one thing to have what you believe to be a good idea rolling around in your head--it's another thing entirely to assume that someone else might also think that it's a good idea. But after years of burnout, I wanted to answer the call when the picture-taking excitement starting bubbling inside me again. I hopped in the car and ended up at Hobby Lobby, perusing their floral aisles (and weeping silent tears of joy at the 50% off sign--rarely is anything on sale when I actually need it to be, you know?) and scheming. I came hom